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Community Water Alliance donates towards DZ.

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

It was all joy in the diarrhoea stricken Harare high density suburb of Dzivarasekwa yesterday, when Community Water Alliance (CWA) handed over sanitizers to residents of the area.

Dzivarasekwa has been hard hit by a serious diarrhoea outbreak for the past few weeks.

In a statement, CWA said that although the City of Harare was denying that there was an outbreak, there were deaths recorded due to this outbreak.

“Community Water Alliance in partnership with Mayin Waters distributed Ano-care Sanitizers in Dzivarasekwa today. The distribution was done after an outbreak of diarrhoea cases which City of Harare health officials was dismissing. Attached videos show women confirming the cases including one death confirmed by the wife of the deceased. Local Councilors were helpful and appreciated the support offered by Mayin Waters in an attempt to contain the spread of the disease which is assumed to be emanating from shallow wells used by residents as sources of water.”

CWA also thanked their partners for coming through and also the local politicians for being supportive.

“Community Water Alliance applaud Mayin Waters for donating sanitizers which have killed two birds with one stone; that is addressing issues of implementation of COVID-19

“Prevention Protocols and spread of diarhoea. We also applaud local Councilors for availing their time and providing leadership in times when bureaucrats attempted to water done diarrhoea cases in Dzivarasekwa.”

The organisation also called on other stakeholders to come through to help neutralize the situation.

“We encourage stakeholders to give attention to Dzivarasekwa 4 by undertaking the following, providing bulk potable water, testing alternative water sources used by residents in Dzivarasekwa 4, providing water treatment pills. The Ano-care product is a good intervention and civic education on maintaining Health and Hygiene standards.”

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