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Ministry of youth reaches over 500K youths in anti-drug campaign

by Bustop TV News

The Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Development and Vocational Training has reached out to a remarkable number of youths across all provinces with vital anti-drug and substance abuse information, under the pillar of Drug and Substance Awareness, an official has said.


This was revealed by Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Jenfan Muswere in a statement.


It was indicated that the number reached represents a significant step towards the planned target for the Cycle, accounting for 50.5% of the goal.


“The Minister of Youth Empowerment, Development and Vocational Training, Honourable Tino Machakaire, reported on progress of the projects being implemented by his Ministry as follows:


“Under Drug and Substance Awareness, a total of 596 378 youths were reached with anti-drug and substance abuse information across all provinces, representing 50.5% towards the planned target for the Cycle,” Muswere said.


In recent years, Zimbabwe has grappled with the escalating issue of drug and substance abuse among its youth population, leading the government to take proactive measures in addressing this pressing challenge.


To tackle this scourge, an inter-ministerial task force, led by Defense Minister Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri, was established, among other efforts. This task force is at the forefront of collaborative efforts to combat drug abuse, including conducting regular operations to apprehend and dismantle drug suppliers, dealers, and peddlers. 


In an effort to foster youth participation and engagement in climate-smart agriculture, climate change mitigation, and adaptation programs, Muswere said a total of thousands of youths were mainstreamed into the initiatives through the Registration of District Youth Associations.


“On the Registration of District Youth Associations 16 352 youths were mainstreamed into climate-smart agriculture, climate change mitigation and adaptation programmes, translating to 100% accomplishment,” Muswere said.


Furthermore, the Minister provided updates on the construction progress of various Vocational Training Centres across different provinces.


“Construction of Sizinda Vocational Training Centre in Bulawayo Metropolitan Province is at 95% completion.


“Construction of Marange Vocational Training Centre in Manicaland Province is 80% complete. Construction of Nyahochi Vocational Training Centre in Mashonaland East Province is 97%, with only construction of the septic tank soakaway outstanding,” he added.


The progress made in raising awareness about drug and substance abuse, as well as the successful integration of youths into climate-smart agriculture programs, exemplify the positive impact being created.


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