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Men encouraged to report GBV 

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Men have been encouraged to report cases of gender based violence as they are sometimes victims and not perpetrators.

This was said by Superintendent, Officer in Charge, Elizabeth Chipfakacha during commemorations of 16 days of activism against GBV in Masvingo over the weekend.

The commemorations which were jointly hosted withWomen’s Network were meant to bring awareness about GBV to the Masvingo community.

The women’s Network was being led by Superintendent, Legal Officer, Senzeni Maphosa  whois also the acting chairwoman for Women’s Network.

Superintendent, Officer in Charge, Elizabeth Chipfakacha said that not only women are victims of violence but men too and she encouraged men to come fourth. 

Men are also encouraged to fight against GBV and come out in the open rather than keep quiet as now women are perpetrators too of GBV.

“We know men are also victims of GBV but they are not coming forward, we need you to come and report GBV cases as we know that women are now also perpetrators of violence. So men we encourage you to come, our offices are open for you too, do not be afraid we want to put an end to GBV. We have even realised that men are being violated more in different homes but the cases are not coming forth, why is it so?,” said Sup Chipfakacha.

Everyone is a potential abuser and GBV cases and rape cases are rampant and are being caused by relatives. Masvingo having the highest cases of rape and child abuse the highest.

Campaigns are being held in different places in the City.

“As Masvingo province we are saying no to GBV and that is why we are campaigning in schools, banks and in the streets for the word to be heard by everyone. We do not want to leave anyone out of the equation, everyone is involved and everyone can make a difference and fight against GBV.

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