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Ninja Lipsy and Dadza D in love?

by BustopTV

Entertainment Reporter 

Female Zimdancehall songbird Ninja Lipsy (real nameTendazvaitwa Chitimbe) is believed to have found love-nest in the form of Darlington “Dadza D’ Zhanje. 

The duo who did not confirm the status of their relationship as they only identified themselves as “very close friends” have however been seen on numerous occasions in different scenesshowing affection for each other. 

Barely two weeks ago, had the two were sported in Kadoma at a social football match featuring Zim-Dancehall artists where they were said to be caressing each other in a vehicle.

A close source who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity confirmed the incident saying that it’s a well-known development within their music circles but no one really thought it to be a big deal as the two are grown-ups who possibly know what they want in life.

“Yeah there is a greater possibility that Dadza na Lipsyvanodanana because we always see them together. Beside who cares, everyone knows the closeness of the two zvamamanje just that its not a big issue kunesu mamusicians ko handiti vavavanhu vakuru here avo vanoziva zvavanoda muupenyu,” narrated the source.

When contacted for comment, the “Taitirana” hit maker said that she and Dadza D have their personal lives which people should not mix with their music characters. She went on to refute claims that they are lovers and only identified themselves as “close friend”.

“Ninja Lipsy and Dadza Dare characters anouya patinoitazvemagitare but pasina magitare pana Tendaizvaitwa naDarlington vane life dzavo dzisinei neruzhinji. Dadza D and Lipsy are not dating but Tendaizvaitwa na Darlington are very close friends,” explained Chitimbe.

Dadza D in the same vein refuted the claims only attesting to the fact that they are not dating but they are only “workmates and friends”.

It is yet to be seen if the “workmates” are really working on something as the pair have not yet released any song to their name yet word has it that the two are lovebirds.


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