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Judge halts processing of Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s estate over ‘fake’ will

by BustopTV

HARARE – A High Court judge issued an order Monday barring the executor of Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s estate from processing the late socialite’s property following an urgent application by his siblings and father.

The Kadungure family approached the court questioning the legitimacy of an unsigned will presented by lawyer Patricia Darangwa, and why she was appointed executrix by the Master of High Court in the first place.

Ginimbi, 36, died in a fiery car crash in November last year when his Rolls Royce veered off the road in Harare and rammed into a tree before exploding into a fireball, killing him on the spot and three friends

Granting the application, Justice Sylvia Chirawu Mugomba noted “red flags” over the disputed will, adding the issue must be resolved before any distribution of property.

“In my view, there are prima facie red flags in the document itself, processes and manner leading to the acceptance of the document as a will,” the judge said, ruling that “Darangwa be and hereby interdicted from administering the estate of the late Genius Kadungure”

She also interdicted the Master of High Court “from accepting any process in relation to the administration of the estate of the late Genius Kadungure under DR No. 1771/20 filed by or on behalf of Darangwa.”

Justice Mugomba said Ginimbi’s estate had to be handled carefully since he had properties outside the country, specifically in Botswana and South Africa where he was invested in fuel and gas trading.

She also barred Darangwa “from presenting the letters of administration issued to her in Zimbabwe… to the Master of the High Court in the Republic of South Africa for purposes of the administration of the deceased’s estate in relation to assets in that country.”

Ginimbi had several expensive supercars, including a Bentley, Ferrari, and a Lamborghini that has since been released by Darangwa, angering the Kadungure family.

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