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Hefty fines lined up, for Harare’s sand and quarry poachers

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By Tafadzwa Chigandiwa

The Harare Metropolitan Province through its Provisional Development Coordinator (PDC), Tendai Muguti has warned all unregistered sand poachers and quarry miners in Harare against the practice of sand poaching.

He indicated that anyone found practicing these illegal mining activities will be arrested and charged with a hefty fine.

This comes after it has been reportedly noted that a number of people in the capital are illegally poaching sand and mining quarry at various unregistered sites, without any authority.

In a statement that was issued by the office of the PDC, Monday, all members of the public were urged to stop poaching sand and mining quarry in any suburbs in the city.

“The office of the Provincial Development Coordinator for Harare Metropolitan Province has noted with concern the high level of illegal sand poaching and quarry mining in the province.

“The office of the PDC would like to inform the public that it is a serious crime to poach sand and mine quarry. Anyone found mining quarry and sand will be arrested, whilst their vehicles and equipment will be impounded.

“All local authorities have been encouraged to charge hefty fines to all offenders,” reads the statement.

In addition, the PDC also highlighted that these illegal activities have resulted in serious land degradation, injuries to people and siltation of water sources around the city of Harare.

Moreover, the statement reportedly indicated that a total of 445 hectare have been affected by these activities, not mentioning Ruwa, Chitungwiza and Epworth.

Meanwhile, the PDC said those that want to operate in the sand and quarry mining activities are obliged and required to be legally registered companies.

“Those conducting sand and quarry mining operations are required to have onsite certified copies of their company registration document, Directors IDs, Zimra Registration Certificate, NSSA Registration Certificate, Ministry of Mines Permit, EMA Permit, Local Authority Business Permit and a valid VID Road Fitness Certificate for vehicles transporting sand,” PDC indicated in the statemen

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