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Back to school not all rosy

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu.

The festive season is over and now it is time for back to school for all parents and guardians out there and all are expressing grief over the pricing of school uniforms and stationary.
Parents have expressed the concern over the prices and said that other shops are even charging in USD which is now very expensive on the black market.
Interviews with the parents showed their concern over the prices in different shops.
“My child has just been enrolled for ECD –A and everything is just expensive. The books we are being required to buy are expensive too, The ECD books each are going for 72bond and this is too much. A lot of parents are complaining but there is nothing we can do but buy the books. All the books are a requirement for us so there are no two ways about it,” said one parent.
School uniforms are very expensive and it is beyond the means of parents.
“A blazer is going for 720bond and it is a must that they should have blazers, this has become too much, surviving in Zimbabwe is now tough for us as parents. Back to school used to be affordable but due to the economic situation, it is no longer something parents can afford. Schools require a complete set of uniforms and against all odds,” said Simbarashe Museni.
One retailer selling school uniforms and stationery said that the economy is bad hence the reason why goods are expensive.
“The economy we living in is not appalling at all and we end up being forced to sell in Rands and USD. That is the only way for us to get profit as other goods we sell we import from South Africa. Parents should just get used as these are the prices and nothing will change, we both have to meet half way that is how business is,” he said.

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