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Govt to deregister 450 “dormant” NGOs

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Own Correspondent

HARARE (The Herald) – Government has threatened to deregister up to 450 non-governmental organisations (NGOs), accusing them of failing to fulfil their “mandates”. 

It is Government’s position that there is no need to keep on the books organisations that are not carrying out any activities in line with the terms of their registration. 

In an interview with the state-controlled Herald newspaper, social welfare minister Professor Paul Mavima said the organisations would be given an opportunity to make representations before any action is taken. 

“Yes, it’s true that we are working on de-registering over 450 NGOs,” Mavhima said. “The advert has already been put in the paper.”

“We are a pro-development Government which means those that have been cited as having been dormant and not submitting their returns will get a chance to respond before the final de-registration process,” he said. 

Prof Mavima said there was no need to keep dormant NGOs when they are not doing anything in line with their development mandates.

He said before they are registered, NGOs are made to provide information to the Government on their scope of activities which they must abide by. 

“If they are not doing anything, why do we continue to register them when they are dormant? They are not doing anything. 

“When they registered, they stated the things they were going to take care of but they are not doing anything with regards to those mandates. 

“It is necessary that they get de-registered and that is what is going to happen,” said Prof Mavima

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