ICC introduces player of the month awards

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is announcing the introduction of the ICC player of the month awards to celebrate and recognize the best performances for both male and female cricketers an official said.

The best will be chosen from all forms of international cricket throughout the year and fans will be invited to vote online and choose their favorite.

There will also be an independent ICC voting academy made of former players, broadcasters and journalists from around the world who will have to team, up with the fans so as to vote for the ICC men’s player of the month and ICC Women’s player of the month. 

ICC General Manager, Geoff Allardice said the awards is a way of appreciating and connect with the fans.

“The ICC player of the month is a great way to connect with fans of the sport and celebrate performances of their favorite players through the year. It gives us all an opportunity to acknowledge world class performances on the field by male and female cricketers and they have been in abundance throughout January,” he said. 

The nomination and voting process will have three nominees for each of the categories which will be determined by the ICC awards nomination committee based on field performances overall achievements during the period of that month.

This shortlist is then voted by the independent ICC voting academy and fans around the world. The Voting Academy will submit their votes by email and will retain a 90% share of the vote.

On the first day of each month, fans registered with the ICC will be able to submit votes via the ICC website and will have a 10% share of the vote.

Winner will be announced every second Monday of the month on the ICC’s digital channels.