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Government urges schools to introduce profitable projects.

by BustopTV

By Lerato Ndlovu

Government has urged local schools to embark on income generating projects so as to help develop their institutions.

Speaking today at Kuwadzana 1 High School during a familiarization tour of projects being embarked on by institutions Primary and Secondary Education minister, Cain Mathema said that school heads should ensure that their schools have income-generating projects.

These are essential as they have a part to play in the corporate social responsibility in their societies.

“It is good to note that a number of schools are embarking on income generating projects that stand to benefit their community and also develop their schools without having to be pushed to do so.

“This is a good indicator of how the students are being groomed at school, they are seeing the importance of developing oneself, having to use their hands will be made easy for them,” he said.

Mathema applauded the different agriculture projects and encouraged schools agriculture departments to work on increasing their productivity levels.

“I applaud such activities at the institutions; it shows that the teachers are using their skills perfectly. It might seem as if the working space is little but the production I’m seeing here of aquaculture, poultry, vegetable farming at an urban school setup defines that the agriculture departments can do more than what we had in mind of being the ordinary projects that can be done by students and their teachers.”

He also praised the Textile technology and design departments that are working together with students on the school coded masks that are to be distributed to all the pupils upon opening of the term, at end of this month.

They noted that it would be a good initiative if schools could embark on their own school uniform production if they have dedicated staff who can spare their time.

“With such an initiative at a big school like this one, the school will be able to employ and pay its workers from the funds raised instead of straining the parents, the school can even raise school fees for the less privileged at their institution,” he said.

“The Ministry has been allocated some funds by the Ministry of Finance, to pay for Personal Protective Clothing (PPEs) that will be used by the pupils and their teachers as they will be going to school, the institutions should give them for free and be paid by the Ministry,” said Thumisang Thabela, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.  

They were accompanied by the Harare Metropolitan Provincial Education Director Mr Kateera and his Deputy Ms Madzinga, Warren Park Mabelreign District Schools Inspector Mr Mupunza and other Ministry officials.

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