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Government gives Rugby greenlight to return

by BustopTV

By Tafadzwa Chigandiwa

Government through the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation together with Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) has approved the resumption of training and competitive activities of Rugby.

This is in line with Statutory Instrument (SI) 200 of 2000.

In a statement, Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sifiso Bande, revealed that their application to the government seeking the go-ahead to resume training has been approved by SRC together with the Ministry of Sports.

“The Zimbabwe Rugby Union applied for authority to resume training and competitive rugby activities the SRC.

“It is with great pleasure to announce that our application to the SRC and Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation has been approved subject to the S.I 200 of 2000 and the prevention and containment procedures we outlined to the SRC and the Minister,” it reads.

The Zimbabwe Rugby Union, also unfolded the conditions set by SRC and Government, leading to the approval of the of rugby.

“Conditions of approval of resumption of all rugby activities include:

  1. Submission of medically informed return to rugby action protocols including testing requirements for all players, officials and ancillary staff.
  2. Submission of specific venues earmarked for use must be submitted and inspected.
  3. Regular disinfection and cleaning of rugby facilities including charging rooms, toilets, stands, offices and media centres,” ZRU statement described.

However, this move by the SRC and Minister has reportedly stimulated a huge discontentment from football fans who argue that rugby is regarded as a contact sport.

In spite of this, Bustop TV, reached football analyst Alois Bunjira for a comment in regard to this decision.

Bunjira described the result as fair despite that both football and rugby are contact sports.

The former Makekepe talisman, acknowledged that the ZRU might have well presented their proposal on how to return rugby.

Furthermore, Bunjira said it is Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) that is reluctant and incompetent to present its proposal to return football in Zimbabwe.

“Rugby and Football are both similar interms of risk. They are both contact sport, however, if rugby has been granted the greenlight, lets acknowledge their Union’s competence,” he said.

“Zifa is supposed to present well to the SRC and Ministry on how they will follow the covid-19 protocols as according to the WHO,” Bunjira added.

All contact sports were banned in March following the government protocols inorder to curb the spread of coronavirus.

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