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Entry qualifications for ZUPCO staff holding back prospective employees.

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By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu
Masvingo – Conductors and others who want to be part of joining the ZUPCO crew said that the requirement of 5 O’Levels including Mathematics is holding them back.
They expressed their concern and the will to join the ZUPCO Company but they cannot as they do not meet the required qualification which is making it difficult for them to join or even apply as they know their applications will not be considered.
In interviews made, most of them were suggesting that at least for being a conductor no qualification should be considered or maybe they should reduce to three and also do way with mathematics
Kupakwashe Muronda said that most of the people do not have mathematics.
“Mathematics is a difficult subject and l do not even have it, I wrote four times but still l failed so I think if they remove the mathematics part and focus on the 5O Levels it will be better for some. This requirement is holding a lot of people at ransom,” he said.
One lady Zvikomborero Chinamanzva said that she admires seeing other women conductors but painful that she cannot be part of them.
“Books were never my thing back then no matter how hard I tried still l failed. It breaks my heart when I see my fellow ladies working as conductors and l cannot join them. ZUPCO is a government company so they should consider everyone when recruiting as l still want to be part of ZUPCO but l do not have the necessary qualifications,” she said.
Nqobizitha Mlonda bemoaned the requirement of 5 O Levels.
“When I heard that ZUPCO was going to recruit l was so happy as it was a chance for me to upgrade but my dream ended when l was told they need conductors with 5 O Levels including mathematics yet l have only two subjects. ZUPCO should re consider the way the recruit their conductors so that it does not close doors on those with less or no qualifications at all,” he said.
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