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Diaspora Insurance launches Group Funeral Cash Plan

by Bustop TV News

By Staff Reporter

Diaspora Insurance, a UK-based company, has announced a new Group Funeral Cash Plan designed for the needs of African communities living and working abroad

Diaspora Insurance provides services to African expatriate communities across the UK, Europe, the Americas as well as Australia.

The new Group Funeral Cash Plan includes Group Policies and Schemes, providing affordable coverage and ensuring a dignified burial for deceased members of church groups, burial societies, NHS and CoS VISA holders.

It offers coverage of up to £/€/$20,000 per individual and is intended to help families avoid the financial burden of repatriating loved ones who pass away in the diaspora.

“The plan brings a sense of uniformity and dignity to each member of a family or group at death,” said Diaspora Insurance Channels Director Edwin Tsvere (pictured)  in a statement released on Thursday.

The high cost of repatriation, often exceeding US$10,000, has historically placed a significant financial strain on African families in the UK who wish to bury their loved ones in their home countries.

Ensuring peace of mind for policyholders, the Group Funeral Cash Plan is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and backed by leading global insurers, also being protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

This regulatory compliance underscores the reliability and security of the plans, making them a trustworthy choice for groups seeking to protect their members.

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