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32 more people recover from Covid-19 in Masvingo

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo yesterday recorded 32 new recoveries from Covid-19 bringing the total of recoveries in the province to 51.

To date Masvingo has only two active cases out of 53 confirmed cases.

“Recoveries were reported by the following provinces; Midlands (47), Masvingo (32), Mash East (14) and Manicaland (7). For the active cases the province now has two active cases,” the Health Ministry said.

The Provincial Medical Director for Masvingo, Amadeus Shamhu said the recovery cases were an indication that the positive cases were following WHO regulations.

“The provinces recovery path is great and we now have two active cases, this show that those who test positive are following the path for recovery and are following the World Health Organisation regulations when it comes to how those who test positive should live.

“The recovery cases do not mean that we are safe, we should continue protecting ourselves against Covid -19 and also protect the ones around us. People must continue getting tested and those in quarantine we are worried as they are escaping from the quarantine facilities,” Shamhu said.

In Zimbabwe 41 cases tested positive for Covid -19 yesterday. These include returnees from South Africa (2), Namibia (1), and Japan (1), Sweden (1) and 36 local cases who are all isolated.

Three deaths were reported yesterday.

“Today we regret to report three deaths reported from Sally Mugabe Hospital (2) and Parirenyatwa Hospital (1), these were detected as part of routine testing of all deaths that occur on patients in hospitals. On Wednesday, Bulawayo recorded 51 new cases of which 21 were health care workers who have been in contact with confirmed cases admitted at the hospital and have been isolated,” the Ministry said.

To date the total number of confirmed cases is 926, recovered 306, active cases 608 and 12 deaths.

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