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Languages Bill Ready For Debate

by Bustop TV News

By Lloyd Takawira

The languages bill which is set to safeguard the country’s 16 official languages is now on the cards, government has said.

Presenting the post cabinet briefing yesterday in Harare, Information Minister Honourable Monica Mutsvangwa said that the principles to the languages bill have been completed and are set for debate.

“Honourable Dr. Kirsty Coventry, presented the Principles for the Languages Bill, which were adopted by Cabinet.”

Mutsvangwa said that the bill will safeguard section 6 of the constitution on the promotion of language diversity.

“The Bill will safeguard the countrys 16 officially recognized languages, in fulfillment of Section 6 of the Constitution.”

She also said that the bill will also safeguard against marginalization.

“Given the diversity of languages in the country, the Act will ensure their use in order to avoid marginalization of any languages or community from loss of identity and culturepromotion of multilingualism and linguistic diversity; respect of language rights and/or linguistic preference as fundamental to the process of nationalism; development of augmentative and alternative communication systems for people with impediments that inhibit communication.”

Under section 6 of the countrys constitution of Zimbabwe has 16 official languages.

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