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Covid-19 Scare Delays Wadiwa Wepamoyo Return

by Bustop TV News

By Lloyd Takawira

Having ingrained itself into the hearts of many, with its glitz and glamour. The grandeur crew at Wadiwa Wepamoyo has allayed fears from ardent fans that, maybe the drama won’t feature again.

However, for the crew at Wadiwa Wepamoyo, the COVID scare has been a huge deterrent, thus delaying the return of the much-loved drama series.

In an exclusive follow up interview, with Bustop Tv, College Central Production coordinator Tawanda Mupatsi said that the drama series is on its way back!

Mupatsi confided that although it has been a difficult moment for many due to the covid-19 pandemic, it’s their duty to continue producing a masterpiece that coherently continue sparkling to season 2

“Working on a piece of art is one odd experience, the reception it shall get at the day’s end is one thing that cannot be easily calculated, applaud or stern criticism, it’s all up to the art-piece consumer. When the team at College Central created Wadiwa Wepamoyo Season 1, it was an attempt at telling a homegrown organic love story inspired by our own individual walk of personal struggles, like fishermen we spread forth the net. Never did we imagine that our story would capture many. Now we gracefully carry the boulder of preparing Season 2 of the web series,” said Tawanda Mupatsi

Mupatsi said that, the Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated by the stinging 3rd wave has also made production to move at a slower pace than initially planned.

“As hyped, the second series was scheduled to premiere this August but the unpredictable nature of the COVID 19 pandemic has delayed processes. While the need to stay faithful to safety measures reigns supreme it’s also important to note that monetary constraints have been a deterrent in fast-tracking the production…” said Tawanda Mupatsi.

Mupatsi promised to fast track the production saying each day they have been putting some work and progress is being recorded.

“Realizing the eagerness of our fans to re-connect with the series we are working around the clock to wrap the production up. So far much of the groundwork has been covered, what remains are some few crucial elements that are key in connecting both the flow of Season 1 and Season 2,” said Tawanda Mupatsi

Quizzed on the actual return date, Mupatsi had this to say: “This is expected to be completed this August. With focus, determination, and a strong will, we expect to go on air early September on a day to be announced”.

For Mupatsi the support from. the Wadiwa Wepamoyo legion of has been heart-warming.

“Irrespective of the delays our humble homage goes to our fans that have clung patiently. To them we owe this reinvented production. Moral among the actors and crew remains high despite the odds, the love and energy we have is the one we expect to deliver in our upcoming series”

He also paid homage to the cooperate world for the support

“We remain grateful for the little support from individuals and the cooperate world that we have received so far in making sure that the initiative has its life back, we hope one day when the dust settles, and the production makes a rippling wave we shall be able to thank each and everyone enough”. said Mupatsi

College Central director, Derby Bheta weighed in saying despite challenges, they are working spiritedly to get back on air.

 “I don’t have many words to say but am confident it will be worth the worth because the team is putting maximum effort even during tough times.”

The web drama “Wadiwa Wepamoyo” produced by College Central stole the hearts of many viewers when it premiered. Its sabbatical has left the viewers clamouring for more.

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