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Youths in Masvingo call for a peaceful anti-sanctions march

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo- Youths in Masvingo province has called on the people of Masvingo top shun away violence and as a province, as the much-awaited 25th anti-sanctions demonstrations beckon peaceful manner.

Masvingo youths held a Peace poetry slam and press conference at Masvingo’s Charles Austin Theatre in a bid to spread the message of peace to the people and a lot of youths did attend.

The youths wanted to spread the message of peace to everyone, not just limited to Masvingo only but to everyone in the country.

In attendance was the current Masvingo Junior Mayor, Leon Maunganidze who said that violence is not the solution as people can solve their grievances in a peaceful manner.

“As youths, we need to have peace so that we can guarantee the future of our country not to be compromised. Instead as youths, we have a lot of issues we can divert our attention to rather than focus on issues to do with violence which does not benefit us at the end,” said Maunganidze.

Masvingo Urban Councilor, Kurauone Violence said that violence does not end well as people end up dying and others end up being thrown into prison due to political violence. He also applauded the youths for taking it upon them to preach the gospel to themselves.

“Violence does not solve anything; we have seen a lot of people ending up in prison while others ended up dying because of resorting to violence.,” said Kurauone.

One concerned resident said, “It is good when the youths take it upon themselves to preach the word of peace amongst the others and protecting their territory, it hurts when people are hurt during the violence and when people go about looting staff.

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