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Young Zimbabwean Farmers Seek Solutions to Limited Resources

by Bustop TV News

In an effort to revitalize Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector, young farmers across the country have raised concerns about two major challenges- lack of financial capital and limited access to land.

These obstacles significantly hinder their ability to launch successful farming initiatives and contribute meaningfully to the nation’s agricultural development.

Stanford Muroiwa, a young farmer from Chegutu and member of the Young Farmers Association Zimbabwe, brought this issue to light during an interview with Bustop TV.

According to Muroiwa, the scarcity of capital presents the primary hurdle for young farmers, ultimately stifling their progress and potential for growth.

“The economic deterioration in Zimbabwe has led to a surge in unemployment, particularly among young people.

“So, many of them have turned to farming as a means of livelihood and as a way to actively contribute to the country’s food security and economic sustainability,”

“However, without adequate financial support, their efforts are often limited or even futile.” He said.

Muroiwa added that there is a need for the government to allocate meaningful financial resources to support young farmers across the country. 

“By allocating funds to support farming activities by young people, the government would empower and enable them to fulfill their potential, boosting both employment rates and agricultural productivity,” Muroiwa said.

Another significant challenge faced by young farmers in Zimbabwe is the issue of land distribution, Muroiwa said.

He expressed disappointment in the fact that large portions of arable lands are owned by older people who do not effectively utilize it. 

“Meanwhile, energetic and passionate young farmers find themselves without access to land for agricultural activities,” he said.

Tatenda Chisvo, a young farmer from Chirumhanzu, echoed similar sentiments during an interview with Bustop-TV as he highlighted the unwavering passion for farming among rural communities, stating that lack of capital has consistently stood as the main stumbling block preventing them from fully realizing their p¹¹00000000otential in farming.

The pressing issues of both limited financial capital and land access have prompted young farmers and their advocates to urge the government to take immediate action.

“With a meaningful financial allocation from the government, young farmers would be empowered to invest in suitable equipment, infrastructure, and inputs, ultimately enhancing their productivity,” Chisvo said.

Efforts to get a comment from Anxious Masuka, the Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development were fruitless.  

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