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Workers union demands action on poor working conditions and delayed salaries at RioZim and subsidiaries

by Bustop TV News

The Zimbabwe Diamond, Allied Mineral Workers Union (ZDAMWU) has expressed its concerns about the poor working conditions and delayed salaries faced by employees of RioZim and its subsidiaries.

The union’s secretary-general, Justice Chinhema, said that he is worried about the company’s decision to inform workers that their November salaries would be paid in December.

In the midst of an ongoing dispute between RioZim and its workers regarding the violation of their rights, ZDAMWU is demanding action to address this issue, Chinhema told Southern Eye. He also highlighted the need for improved working conditions and timely payment of salaries for the employees.

The delayed payment of salaries has added to the already tense relations between the company and its workforce. It has become imperative for RioZim to prioritize the well-being of its employees and ensure that their rights are respected.

ZDAMWU is calling upon the relevant authorities to intervene and address the concerns raised by workers at RioZim.

“We understand the frustration that RioZim workers are feeling today due to the unreliable salary payment. RioZim’s management and shareholders are required by law to make sure workers live a life commensurate with the work and production they achieve everyday,” Chinhema said.

“But the conditions that this management is subjecting workers to are akin to slavery, which cannot be expected from such a big organisation. The same management is also busy intimidating workers for demanding salaries.

Chinhema revealed that workers have been informed that their November salaries will be paid in December. Similar situations have been reported at Renco, Cam, and Motor mines, which are also under RioZim’s operation.

“This is the same situation at Renco, Cam and Motor mines that are operated by RioZim. The ZDAMWU is worried and concerned by this deliberate violation of the law by big corporates such as RioZim,” he said.

“Decent work means a job that enables workers to live a good life in which their basic needs are met, and every working person is entitled to a salary paid in full and on time,” he said.

Chinhema encouraged workers to speak up, act collectively, and demand that their rights be respected.

“Difficult as it shall be, the time to deal with stubborn capitalists is now. We are inviting all RioZim workers to think, speak, act and demand with one voice,” he said.

In a related incident, The Centre for Natural Resource Governance (CNRG) and ZDAMWU recently issued a joint statement, urging Murowa Diamonds Company in Zvishavane to resolve labor, salary, benefits, and working conditions issues faced by its workers.

The challenges include non-payment of salaries, lack of ratification for the 14/7 roster, short-term fixed-term contracts, a non-functioning works council, an ineffective transport system, and low salary scales.

The CNRG and ZDAMWU called on Murowa Diamonds management to address these urgent concerns.

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