SAPES To Launch Remembering Mugabe Book

By Bustop TV

Leaders for Africa Network (LAN) in partnership with Southern African Political-Economy Series (SAPES) Trust will tomorrow, 09 September launch a book on former President Robert Mugabe.

The book coincides with the second anniversary of the late former President’s death, who passed away on the 6th of September 2019 nearly two years after he stepped down as Zimbabwe’s President following 37 years in office.

In a statement released by LAN, the book which is titled Re/Membering Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Politics, Legacy, Philosophy, Life and Death is meant to trace the philosophical footpath and political grounding of the late former President Mugabe.

The timeliness of the book launch has also been taken as an opportunity to monumentalize the late Zimbabwe and African leader.

“The launch of the book Re/Membering Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Politics, Legacy, Philosophy, Life and Death is a befitting homage to an African leader. Through this book launch, LAN and SAPES Trust join Zimbabwe and the rest of the world in commemorating the second anniversary commemorations of Robert Mugabe’s passing on the 6th of September 2019.

“This book highlights Robert Mugabe’s statecraft milestones and pitfalls before and after independence in April 1980. The essays in the book also interrogate Mugabe’s statesmanship within the broad-based ideological benchmarks of African nationalism and Pan-Africanism,” it reads.

The fourteen-chapter book draws its contribution from a cohort of reputable and upcoming academics and practicing politicians.

It was edited by Namibian-based Zimbabwean scholar Collen Sabao, Executive coordinator of LAN Richard Mahomva as well as University of Zimbabwe’s Department of Governance and Public Management senior lecturer Dr Lawrence Mhandara.

Speaking to Bustop TV, Leaders for Africa Network Executive Coordinator Richard Mahomva reiterated that the book is a decolonial project meant to deconstruct the Western narrative that has denigrated the late nationalist’s legacy.

“We have much of our national history articulated from a colonial point of view. So as a pro-Afrocentrism organisation, LAN is committed to reclaiming the national legacy through homegrown perspectives. This book contributes strongly to that agenda.

“You will also recall that much of the literature generated in the aftermath of the land reform was aimed at denigrating issues of economic empowerment associated with Robert Mugabe, so this book attempts to reconstruct the Mugabe legacy outside such Western induced whims and colonial attitudes,” said Mahomva.

“LAN and SAPES are pan-Africanist linked think tanks. The two organizations’ commitment to promoting a research grounded perspective to governance makes this joint book launch a good starting point of consolidating the two organizations’ values’.

The book launch which will be convened and moderated by renowned academic Ibbo Mandaza will be launched virtually on zoom at 17:30 PM and will also be shared on SAPES Trust Facebook Page.