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Chitungwiza MPs Blast Municipality Over Reckless Threats

by Bustop TV News

By Lloyd Takawira

Chitungwiza legislators, Job Sikhala (Zengeza West) and Micheal Mavhunga (Chitungwiza South) have warned council over threats made against informal traders which they described as ‘suicidal’.

This comes after Chitungwiza Municipality threatened informal traders operating along road servitudes with loss of life if they resisted forthcoming demolitions.

In separate statements member of parliament, Sikhala and Mavhunga expressed disapproval over the municipality’s utterances.

“Threatening violence and bloodbath against our people in Chitungwiza who are involved in lawful business as stupid, uninformed and scandalous. Chitungwiza Municipality, through underqualified, corrupt and overzealous bureaucracy which acts as agents of central government have not been providing us, the residents of Chitungwiza with service delivery. We are aware that elected Councillors have been rendered useless by the bureaucracy they are asked to report to,” said Sikhala. 

Sikhala added that death threats against residents must not be taken lightly.

“Evangelista Machona and those who have send her, should know that we don’t take lightly threats to kill our people. Threatening loss of life cannot go unnoticed. Openly declaring murder against our people will never be tolerated.” 

Chitungwiza South legislator, Michael Mavhunga described council’s statement as ‘treasonous.

“Whilst it is the duty of Chitungwiza  Municipality to ensure that there is law and order within its area of jurisdiction, we take great exception to the reckless, inflammatory and dangerous statement issued yesterday. We do not take such threats lightly as human life is sacrosanct and irreplaceable.

To warn that residents may lose life in an operation to curb illegality is treasonous and an incitement to violence. We will not tolerate such thuggish behavior especially  coming from a local authority which is supposed to protect and serve.”

Mavhunga said that in the event of loss of life, the municipality will be held accountable .

“In the event of loss of life consequent to such statement  we shall hold Chitungwiza  Municipality liable together with the authors of such statement in their personal  capacities.We are prepared to institute  legal proceedings to that effect.

In future we expect  better public  relations on issues to do with  service.

We do not want unconstitutional  statements  emanating  from Council,” he wrote.

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