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Sandra Ndebele mourns Jah Love

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Staff Reporter

Female artist, Sandra ‘Sandy’ Ndebele has expressed her grief on the death of talented Zim Dancehall artist, Soul Musaka, affectionally known as ‘Soul Jah Love’ in the dancehall industry.

Ndebele described Soul Jah Love’s death as a big lose to the music industry, saying he was a young talented musician who contributed much towards the rise of dancehall music.

Sandy added that she is deeply in pain with the death of the 31-year old Zim Dancehall maestro.

“Soul Jah Love’s death is a big loss to the music industry, I am deeply in pain. Its a sad moment for us as musicians.

“Its very sad, he was still young and very talented. I remember the first time he broke through to the music industry, we performed together at Show Ground and at Borrowdale Race Course.

“Jah Love was an entertainer, he was a crowd puller. At a show Jah Love was amongst the finest performers, fans always demanded to see him performing. I remember at one moment l prayed that the programmer will select me to perform before him because l knew the guy was a crowd puller, so performing after him would be embarrassing,” Ndebele said.

The dancehall star was pronounced dead upon his arrival at Mbuya Dorcas Hopsital yesterday (Tuesday) evening.

Father Paris who was among Jah Love’s managers also confirmed the death to a local publication,

A number of fans across the country have been left heartbroken by Sauro’s death, many are sending condolence messages on Facebook pages, Twitter handles and posting his photos on their statuses on WhatsApp.

South African popular music channel, Trace Urban also shared their condolences on their Twitter account.

Jah Love was known for his dancehall music which motivated ghetto youths. He mainly sang about his upbringing as an orphan who at one moment became a street kid. 

Pamamonya ipapo, Mwana waSthembeni, Ndini Uya Uya and Kana Ndafa, are some of his hit songs that were most popular to his fans and significantly kept his music career ablaze

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