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Health Minister Warns Of Covid 4th Wave

by Bustop TV News


DEPUTY Health Minister John Mangwiro says Zimbabweans should brass for yet another more Covid-19 fourth wave next month.

Addressing Zanu PF leadership in his Chikomba West constituency at Chigara Clinic in Ward 1, the top government official said there was a decrease in both deaths and new cases.

However, he also raised concerns about a fourth wave, which he said is expected to be more aggressive than the past three infections.

“In the next three years, Covid-19 might disappear. If we look at most of these viral infections cycles, most of them have a cycle of at least five years or so, but people should continue getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

The last few cycles of such viral infections become more aggressive,” said Mangwiro.

The deputy minister discouraged people from believing in several myths regarding prevention and treatment of Covid-19 saying the only solution was vaccination.

“A lot of people say a lot about the disease. Among several of the assumed effective ‘home remedies’ being practiced is ‘steaming’ but this can be dangerous if done improperly.

“The President’s Office as of Sunday, will be coming in all wards to vaccinate people with Health Ministry. Prophets or n’angas (traditional healers) do not really matter in this case. One needs to be vaccinated”.

In his response to a question from a villager on the vaccination programme for people with underlying conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, Mangwiro urged everyone to be vaccinated.

“Those with underlying conditions, get inoculated without delay.”

Covid-19, according to Mangwiro can destroy a person’s system causing irreparable damage to body organs resulting in death if treatment is delayed.

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