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PSMI renal patients offer to pay incapacitated nurses’ transport money

by Bustop TV News

By Takudzwa Changadeya

Renal patients at Premier Service Medical Investments (PSMI) ParkView hospital are now forced to fork out from their pockets to bring back nurses who are failing to come to work citing incapacitation.

Park View Hospital is one of the few PSMI health facilities still running after several others shut down due to financial woes straining the entity.

Addressing members of the fourth estate Wednesday, Parkview Hospital Alliance Administration Officer Mbaneta Dzauma said renal patients at the hospital ended up taking out from their pockets to help nurses with transport money.

“The situation here is very unpleasing, renal patients are now forced to run around and bring back nurses to serve themselves because some of them had gone for more than a week without dialysis services,’ she said.

Talking to this publication, one of the nurses who are camping at the hospital revealed how ugly things have turned out to be, to both nurses and patients.

“I am now staying here because I don’t have money to commute daily from home. I last received my salary, which was less than 300 000. RTGS, mid last year and up until today nothing has been done,” she said.

She added that they are surviving on well wishers and vending.

“Sometimes we go on the streets to sell things like cigarettes, chewing gums, mints and so forth. We sometimes get groceries from well-wishers, but it’s never enough. We are struggling…,” she said.

Most of the nurses who spoke to BustopTV expressed their concern over corruption within the PSMI administration saying it’s bedevelling the entity and the leadership is enjoying the entity’ funds at their expense.

Two weeks ago, scores of patients converged at the hospital along Baines Avenue, Harare, demanding to be put on dialysis machines saying they had already paid for the service.


More than 150 clinics of the private healthcare provider, across the country, have closed so far after workers downed tools citing incapacitation.

Earlier this year, PSMI imposed a no-work, no-pay policy with the aim to force employees who had been on strike for weeks to pick up their tools and return to work, but it didn’t work.

The company was forced to suspend operations over a string of challenges including funding, resulting in its failure to pay employees since mid last year.


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