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Police and ‘Mashurugwi’ the biggest violence perpetrators -Report

by BustopTV

Police and ‘Mashurugwi’ the biggest violence perpetrators -Report

By Own Correspondent

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) are perpetrating more violence than the machete wielding gangs, Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) has revealed.

According to the ZPP January monthly monitoring report unaffiliated groups rank first, with police in second place and machete gangs rank third followed by the ruling party, ZANU PF in terms of human rights violations.

Police make up 23.67% of perpetrators recording a 1.47% higher than ‘Mashurugwi’ who constitute 22.2%.

The revelation is disturbing considering the uniformed forces are there to protect civilians not abuse them.

Cases of human right abuses this past month rose to 185 from the 119 noted in December 2019.

“Harassment and intimidation recorded the highest number of violations at 96, up from 60 recorded in December 2019. Mashonaland Central, Mashonaland West, Manicaland and Harare provinces recorded the highest number of violations.

Police disturbingly occupied the second highest percentage of perpetrators, at 23.67%, after the perpetrators whose affiliation is unknown.

The machete wielding gangs made up 22.2% of the perpetrators, an indication of the pervasive nature of the gangs,” read the report.

Machete wielding gangs have been terrorizing locals in gold rich areas leaving some maimed and others dead.

ZPP in January recorded three deaths at the hands of the notorious gangs.

“Harassment and intimidation were the highest recorded violations at 96. Mashonaland Central province recorded the highest violations at 34.

Machete gangs continued to terrorise citizens with ZPP receiving reports of three murders deaths at the hands of these gangs.

Police and machete gangs contributed the most to the profile of perpetrators, followed by Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (Zanu PF).”

Police has since launched Operation Chikorokoza Ngachipere which has resulted in the arrest over 3 000 illegal miners across the country.

Police and ‘Mashurugwi’ the biggest violence perpetrators -Report

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