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Mliswa pushes for Tile factory closure

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa is seeking the closure of a Chinese firm, Sunny Yifeng in his constituency amid fears that the factory is harbouring COVID 19 patients.

This follows reports that the Chinese firm is letting infected people roam the streets.

His move, as he puts it, is meant to protect the people of Norton and the nation at large.

In a statement, Mliswa said, “In my capacity as the Member of Parliament with the mandate of legislation, oversight and representation, and in accordance with Statutory Instrument 77/2020, I hereby demand that you hereby cease all operations at the Sunny Yi Feng Industrial Park with immediate effect.

“The demand hereby made is in light of the risk posed by the threat of contamination by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which has seen unsupervised and precarious quarantine systems practised at your premises.

Furthermore, the overcrowding on the premises serves as a perfect conduit for the rapid spread of the pandemic and must, therefore, be addressed.

Norton does not have the facilities to handle the coronavirus, and this demand is thereby made to protect the residents who may be exposed to the virus from persons on your premises suspected to be infected.

“As a Member of Parliament it is incumbent on me to safeguard people’s lives and health and I, therefore, trust that you will take this demand with the seriousness it deserves and complies urgently.”

Meanwhile, a picture of Chinese nationals who circulated on social media after they allegedly handed in a dead corpse to the police has cast fear on residents of Mawuya flats in the Avenues area.

The two males only identified as Jack and Steve are said to be currently harbouring the dead body.

Bustop TV spoke to a resident, who stays in the area located on Baines on Colquohon street opposite Baines Maternity Clinic who said that the two have been acting very suspicious.

Kundai said that these two Chinese national have been spotted fumigating their residence and every time they enter the house they are fully clothed in space suits.

“They were fumigating the place the whole day today (Wednesday). I stay opposite them. In fear I overheard them telling a certain man who confronted them that they were fumigating because they were just cleaning something. Right now we suspect that they are keeping someone with corona. They must be keeping two corona patients. The one in the flat they were fumigating and there is one who fainted last week. Then another one who just disappeared.”

She also claimed she knew about the body which was handed to the police last week.

“I know the person who died. I know him well he was called Jerry, they (Steve and Jack) lied saying he committed suicide. He looked fine but had moved last year to Montagu flats. Jerry died on Monday, you would know because he was on social media. One of the people we suspect is infected stayed with Jerry. The other one whom the used to walk with we don’t know where he could have gotten the virus. They even told their maids to stop coming to work. Not sure he came last night with bulk tissues.”

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