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Mbare residents bemoan City Council’s poor service delivery

by Bustop TV News

Mbare residents have raised concerns over the Harare City Council’s prolonged negligence in service delivery which has shoved residence living in the old suburb into a squalid life and uninhabitable living conditions, posing health hazards.

Residents have been raising concerns over uncollected garbage and malfunctioning water pipes and public taps, resulting in overwhelmed sanitation, but to no avail.

One of the residents told The Herald that city council was neglecting them, and after realising that it was ignoring the cleaning of public toilets and collecting of garbage, residents took upon themselves the task of cleaning.

She said the available public toilets were mismatching the population, leading to frequent blockages and an overflow of raw sewage.

“Sometimes when the flushing system isn’t working, we use the bucket system and improvised tins to remove stool from toilet seats,” said Yvonne Chisadza, adding that they were using improvised tins to remove stools without proper preventive clothing.

During a tour of New Line houses in Mbare by Acting Minister of Local Government and Public Works Daniel Garwe said that Harare City Council was failing to provide and run the services.

“We have toured the area and we have seen that there is no water hygiene and sanitation which are the basics of every human.

“Water taps are malfunctioning, the toilet’s flushing system is not working and sewage is everywhere.

“This is the result of the city council not carrying out their duty. We tried to engage them to be part of this entourage but they did not come, and we don’t know why they did not respond,” said Minister Garwe.

Residents Association Mr Milton Muori said the situation was no longer unbearable, adding that the city council had failed.

Addressing the same gathering, Industry and Commerce Minister Dr Sekai Nzenza said that the Government would give protective clothing and chemicals to residents in Mbare.


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