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Matobo MP In Drive To Empower Youths

by Bustop TV News

By Thobekile Khumalo

Matobo North Member of Parliament, Edgar Moyo has started providing transport for youths in his constituency to Kezi, helping them acquire national identity documents.

Moyo is also assisting youths apply for funding from the Empowerment Bank to start their own projects.

Matobo North MP, Edgar Moyo said youths are a vibrant group in the society and should be provided with all relevant documents so they effectively participate in national issues.

“Youths need to register to vote, youths need to take loans and start projects. As a country our future lies in the hands of the youths but most of them in rural areas do not have national identity documents.

“Currently I’ve helped 110 youths and a few adults. More are yet to benefit from this initiative.Everyone I help then goes for voter registration so that the initiative has a positive impact.

“I provide transport to carry people without IDs to Kezi, mainly youths. This is done Every Friday and Monday,” he said.

He added that the number of people who benefit are determined by the Registry offices.

“The number of beneficiaries are highly determined by the space that Kezi Registry gives us. So we liaise with the registry to know the space they have and how many people I can go with.” 

“I’m also assisting youths come up with projects and helping them to apply for funding at the Empowerment Bank. So far we are waiting for responses though some have started and since repaid their loans.”

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