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Harare City Council Planner In Land Distribution Scandal

by Bustop TV News

By Bustop TV

Harare principal town planner, Barbra Mugocha has been embroiled in a land distribution scandal after she allegedly swindled an unsuspecting resident of thousands of US dollars.

Mugocha allegedly distributes the land via her ‘runner’ and lover identified as Kudzi who helps her source for ‘clients’.

Call recordings and chats seen by Bustop Tv showed that some time last year Kudzai approached Mugocha with intentions to corruptly parcel out land to one Kuziva Mamvura for US$1 500 or higher and 10% of the amount would be her payment for facilitating the process.

This was all despite that Buying and selling of Council land is handled by City Valuation & Estates Manager at Rowan Martin Building and not by town planners who are only responsible for planning and regulating land use.

After reassuring Kudzai that the land was indeed available, Mugocha insisted that she gets her deposit when they visit the land along Samora Machel which she planned on selling to Mamvura.

The transactions continued until Mugocha had ‘successfully’ obtained papers for the two stands meant for Mamvura.

Listen to conversation between Mugocha and Kudzi

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