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Court dismiss Zanu PF activist’s application to nullfy delimitation  process

by Bustop TV News

THE Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe has dismissed an application by Zanu PF  supporter and activist Tonderai Chidawa  which sought the nullification of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC)’s delimitation exercise.

Chidawa wanted ZEC to redo the delimitation exercise on the basis that it was done by chairperson Priscilla Chigumba and her deputy Simukai Kiwa, and not the entire ZEC, as contemplated in the constitution.

The application also sought parliament to investigate whether the commission had conducted itself properly in producing the delimitation report.

However Chidawa’s application was thrown out  as the court said the applicant had not cited any constitutional provision that compels parliament to investigate the operations of ZEC.

Chidawa’s lawyer Lovemore Madhuku said the judgement was very disappointing as he believes state institutions such as independent commissions  must be held accountable  and parliament is entitled to investigate how they operate.

“The court says that parliament has no such obligation under the  constitution and we believe that the provision of the constitution which we cited which is section 119 does not place an obligation on parliament.

“So because they believe there is no constitutional provision which  compels parliament to investigate then we have no cause,” Madhuku said.

The Mnangagwa loyalists claim that ZEC redrew ward and constituency boundaries in a manner that could hand the opposition more seats, and deny Mnangagwa a two thirds majority.

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