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Council struggles with refuse collection

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu
Masvingo – More than a month has gone by with no refuse collection rising fears of diseases the high-density suburbs of Masvingo.
The first priority is being given to the city centre.
This has led to the residents in the high destiny suburbs and other parts of Masvingo dumping their refuse in nearby bushes posing a health threat to people as the rainy season is approaching.
General Purpose Committee Representative, Babylon Beta said the budget for fuel is straining as it has gone higher than the amount that was budgeted for.
“The council had a budget allocation of $1.50per litre for the cost of fuel but due to inflation, the council is finding it difficult to operate. Inflation has continued to escalate throughout 2019. The three tier pricing continues to dominate the market. Fuel prices have been increasing every week and this has had a direct impact on the prices of all goods and services as it is considered as a major cost driver across the economy,” said Beta.
Beta said that changes will start taking place this month.
“We are trying to address the situation as l am aware that most places have gone for more than a month now with no refuse collected. The new pricing of fuel does not tally with the supplementary budget we had, that is why we are in the process of acquiring two more compactors,” he said.
Residents have also expressed concern over the pilling of garbage on street corners as a result of uncollected refuse .
One resident, Aaron Nyoni from ward 7 said that the failure of collecting refuse is now posing a hazard threat.
“ Dumping the refuse in nearby forests is not an option again as not everyone stays near a bush and we end up pilling the rubbish in street corners. So the council must do their best to address this before we open a new dumpsite this side,” said Nyoni.
Residents have been urged to dig pits and dump their refuse as another option till the issue is resolved soon by the council.

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