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Chitungwiza Municipality Sends Chilling Warning to Informal traders: Threatens Loss of Life

by Bustop TV News

By Lloyd Takawira

The Chitungwiza Municipality has
threatened informal traders, vendors, brickmolders, road side carpenters with loss of life should they resist a demolition set for the 4th of June.

In a statement, the Municipality demanded that informal business operators along road servitudes to stop operations forthwith “to avoid loss of life and damage to property”

Acting town clerk Evangelisto Machona wrote, “The municipality would like to inform all people operating informal businesses like brick moulding , illegal car parks, car sales and brick moulding along road servitudes to seize operating forthwith..”

“We are giving those who are operating informal businesses a 72 hour altimetum to remove all their belongings, failure to which council will not hasitate to enforce the measures in accordance with section 24 of the Regional Town Country Planning Act.”

The council said it has roped in the assistance of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the ministry of Transport in the enforcement of the forthcoming demolitions.

“Please take this take this warning seriously to avoid loss of life and damage to property. Council will not be liable to the costs incurred during the exercise.”

Residents who spoke to Bustop TV News expressed disgust at the threats by council.

Speaking in a interview with Bustop TV News , Chitungwiza Residents Trust director Diana Kuvheya threatened to sue council over the matter.

“They are not serious. They fully know that we don’t have a viable industry and we rely on bricks moulding,car wash etc. First they must provide spaces for vending and people will gladly go there. We will not allow this to happen, unless they provide an alternative place to do our businesses? As chitrest we are consulting our lawyers , possibly to sue the council for threatening loss of life to residents.”

Chitungwiza Community Development Network programs manager, Admire Mutize said his organisation was shocked by municipality’s insensitivity.

“As CCDN we are shocked and outraged by the callous and incendiary statement from town clerk! She is power drunk and careless with the acting town clerk office she is holding.”

A cross section of vendors , brick molder’s , furniture maker on road servitude who also spoke to Bustop TV said they have no other option but to defy the council’s orders.

“I’m a vendor. l live on vending. l have been operating here since 2009. If they come with their graders. I will be here,” said Joseph Dzikiti who sells fresh produce at Zengeza 2 Gazaland shops.

Noremore Mushayi a carpenter at Zengeza 4 popular pagomba said he was not aware of councils plans.

“I’m not aware of the demolition my brother. Kana vachida ngavauye. Vanhu vepi vasina tsitsi. Ndinoriritira mhuri ipo pano. Industry yakaparara saka to operater kupi.”

For Byron Chioko a car park operator near C junction , his workplace will not be demolished as it is backed by powerful people.

“Nyaya yawataura wangu aaa. This car park inopisa . Vana mukoma vanoiziva . “

Quizzed who he was referring to, he simply responded, “My brother, you come here on the 5th the car park will be here.”

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