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Returning citizens to foot own quarantine bills

by Bustop TV News

By Tafadzwa Chigandiwa

Government has announced that returning citizens will now cater for expenses incurred during quarantine and isolation period on their own.

Speaking at a post cabinet briefing, Information and Publicity Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa said, “citizens returning to Zimbabwe will now be quarantined at their own expense. Furthermore, those travellers found to be positive for COVID-19 will be isolated at an isolation centre at their own expense”.

Zimbabwe has a total of 64 isolation centres and the government’s mandatory quarantine period is 21 days.

Citizens in self isolation or quarantine have to conduct three Covid-19 tests before they leave the centre with the first test on the 1st day of arrival, second on the 8th day and final test on the last day of the self quarantine and isolation period.

However, a number of citizens expressed their dissatisfaction over the government call.

“Only fools will make it mandatory for every returning resident to quarantine at a cost without stating how much is the cost, how long is the quarantine, where are these quarantine place and how did the owners of these quarantine places get the tenders thats how corruption starts,” wrote one Mfecane @TendaiZinyama on Twitter.

“It’s all about discouraging people from coming to register as voters otherwise why citizens only, what about tourists, Victoria Falls airport was reopened recently,” said @Lazarus.

“This does not make sense, a returning citizen does not mean someone with money. Atleast they should have placed measures inorder to cushion these guys, when they remit their money you want it but when it comes to you giving it back you show your ruthlessness,” @RMajekwana also commented.

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