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Rains, Illegal Dumpsites, Residents Pose Environmental, Health Challenges In Warren Park

by Bustop TV News

By Bustop TV

Rains which have been pounding the capital Harare have been welcome across the relatively dry city but other than the precious liquid, they have brought with them fears of a cholera outbreak.

Illegal dumpsites have been allowed to proliferate by residents and council with no attempt to deal with them despite a clear fact the rains have now moisturised the dumpsites, a recipe for disaster.

The sites have also worsened the already bartered aesthetics of the high density suburb and created an environmental burden.

Warren Park has over 10 illegal dumpsites.

One covers the whole of a public toilet at its Unifresh Shopping Complex, another is metres away from a primary school while numerous others are adjacent to the National Heroes Acre, one of Harare’s well crafted tourist attractions.

“The issue of illegal dumpsites violates people’s rights especially when focusing on their right to a clean environment,” said Marvelous Khumalo of Harare Residents Trust.

“It impinges on their right to a safe environment, poses a danger and becomes a breeding ground for diseases.

“That alone shows that the council should prioritize issues of refuse collection on a religious basis.”

Residents who themselves have been dumping waste at these sites blame council for not clearing the areas.

They however concede it has been collecting waste regularly.

“Council should clear these places so that people do not continue dumping waste there,” said Lilian Dliwayo, a tenant in Warren Park.

“Although it has been collecting garbage, it has left the spots to grow unattended and that has not only become an environmental problem but a danger to our health, remember cholera usually grips our city during such periods.”

Council blasted residents whom it said were in the habit of dumping waste without any concern who will clean up after them.

“Council is currently facing challenges and drawbacks with its current method and model of waste management that is the linear model,” read council’s response to questions.

Drainage clogged by litter

“This coupled with the culture of people who throw rubbish anywhere without thinking about the consequences of their actions have seen garbage dumps accumulating in the city.

“The garbage with rains is then washed into our water bodies and consequently pose treatment challenges.

“Residents believe that there are others who will clean up after them and consequently, the responsibility of cleaning up litter falls on the Council which does not have enough resources to deal with the litter problem.

“The city does not have enough refuse trucks to service the city efficiently using its current model.”

Khumalo proposed that the council create dumping sites in each suburb where it will then collect waste periodically.

Added Khumalo: “Council should also allocate spaces for proper dumping sites where it will then collect waste rather than wait for a disaster to occur. Prevention is better than cure.”

Harare City Council, according to its communications department, is currently engaged in discussions with a foreign company with a view to come up with a waste to energy project.

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