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UN sets up knowledge hubs to improve women’s access to the digital world

by Bustop TV News

THE United Nations have set up mobile knowledge hubs, a library and a computer lab in five provinces across the country to improve women and girls’ access to digital spaces.


Speaking during belated International Women’s Day commemorations in Chegutu on Wednesday, UN women country representative Nicea Gumbo said women must have equal access to digital services.


“The United Nations in Zimbabwe remains committed to making innovations gand technology work for women and girls.


“UN Women through the Spotlight Initiative have set up in five provinces mobile knowledge hubs, library, and a computer lab (a hybrid of digital and printed knowledge products), essential integrated one stop repository information related to violence against women and girls, including sexual gender-based violence, gender equality and women and girl’s empowerment,” Gumbo said.


Gumbo also called for the removal of barriers preventing women and girls from having access to the digital world.


“The gap in access to digital tools and services tends to be greatest for women with low literacy or low income, those living in rural or remote areas, migrants, women with disabilities, and older women.


“Women are rarely viewed as technology creators and decision-makers, which limits the development of products that respond to their needs and views.


“I call for the removal of all barriers that may prevent women and girls from accessing the digital world, digital literacy should go beyond learning basic computer skills and focus on a set of competencies that include technical as well as transferable skills. Closing the gender digital gap is critical to achieve gender equality,” Gumbo added.


This year’s international women’s day was celebrated under the theme
“DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality” which highlights not only how technology is important to advancing rights, but a growing digital gender gap that is impacting everything from job opportunities for women and their safety online.

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