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by BustopTV

Inspire, create, deliver.

BUSTOPTVZIM (Pvt) Ltd is a wholly Zimbabwean owned company registered with the Registrar of Companies. BustopTv was established in 2014 by Co-Founders Godknows Homwe and Lucky Aaroni. It is a fully integrated production company that caters for all aspects of creative audio visual communication. At BustopTv, a highly experienced team works to produce work of the highest international standard. BustopTv sees every brief from “concept to conclusion with care”.

We take videography for various forms including, films and documentaries on socio- economic and political issues, live events, current affairs, as well as emergency situations like accidents and crime scenes. We are contributing towards freedom of speech and an educated society through Bustop TV social media platforms. We value relationships therefore, we promote mutual relationships between the government and the people, NGOs and communities as well as corporates and their customers.


Meet the Team behind BustopTV 

We’re a hugely experienced team of strategists, designers, writers, technologists, educators and programme managers – passionately creative and extremely nice bunch, which matters when you’re working together on the important stuff…