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ZIMRA workers Declare ‘Incapacitation’…Threatens Strike

by Bustop TV News

The Zimbabwe Revenue & Allied Workers Trade Union (ZIMRATU) has declared that its members can no longer fully engage in their daily duties, citing “incapacitation”.

The union outlined, in a letter obtained by Bustop-TV, the dire financial circumstances faced by Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) employees.

The union stated that their salaries have been seriously eroded by hyperinflation and the increasing dollarization of the economy.

The letter reads: “Disheartened that the salary of a ZIMRA worker has been eroded such that it can no longer afford the worker to buy basic food items due to inflationary pressures and continuous dollarization of the economy to levels above 80% of domestic transactions.”

“Surprised that the welfare of workers is not receiving tangible and adequate attention in the face of a hyperinflationary environment with inflation hoovering above the suppressed official blended rate of 57.5%.”

The letter also revealed the union’s frustration over the inadequacy of the housing and transport allowances provided by their employer.

The union further noted that the government’s ZUPCO transport intervention was inadequate to meet the workers’ transport requirements.

“Further-Frustrated by the inadequacy of the transport allowance due to continuous erosion of the value of the Zig payment, caused by the exchange rate premiums against the intended US$2 per trip, being paid to the worker by ZIMRA; thus the amount is far less than the US$104.00 required to pay for transport in a month,” reads the letter.

Unless their grievances are addressed, the union has declared that its members are “incapacitated” and will not be able to consistently report for duty with immediate effect.

The letter reads:  “Now therefore, given the foregoing and the inadequacy of ZIMRA employees’ remuneration against the current economic environment.

“Please take notice that our members will not have the capacity to consistently report for duty with immediate effect.”

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