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Zimbabweans react to Nick Mangwana’s twitter post

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Lloyd Takawira

Agitated Zimbabweans on internet  reacted with gust to  remarks by Information Permanent Secretary Mr Nick Mangwana that , some doctors are ,”medical assassin’s ” killing politicians.

Mangwana suggested that some ministers and top government officials who have succumbed to to Covid 19 could have been deliberately killed by opposition “activist” doctors.

He was responding to a thread on twitter yesterday, Sunday.

He posted , ” I have followed that . This is what’s leading to conspiracy theory that there are certain political players being eliminated in hospitals by political activists hiding behind medical profession . In fact not just political players but medical assassin’s”.

However , the allegations blew a flurry of disconcert with the  Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) throwing a salvo to Mangwana.

In a statement said it is concerned by Mr Mangwana statement as it is marred with threats to the integrity of the health profession by branding them as “medical assassins”.

“The ZADHR has noted with concern the escalating tensions in the health sector. Of key concern are the following recent issues The branding of certain medical professionals as “medical assassins” by a senior government official. The threats of arrests, and deregistration of medical practitioners who are alleged to have communicated unethical statements on social media.

 ZDHR further said , continued victimization of medical professionals was likely to dampen their spirits as doctor.

“Furthermore, we advise that the continuous persecution of medical practitioners is likely to destabilize the health sector during this time when the nation is supposed to be focusing on resolving the COVID-19 crisis. Government must be seen to be applauding the positive role being played by frontline health workers who are working tirelessly to provide essential services during this pandemic, risking their lives to save Zimbabweans in the process. The COVID-19 crisis requires close collaboration between government, health workers and all citizen’s”, read the statement.

One Obert Mussah Munemo said , “Cde our Dr.s are risking their lives, with very little or no protective clothing, >$us150< a month ,are sacrificing their families to save lives of those affected by Covid and other diseases .Painting our Drs with the same brush is very dangerous& disrespectful especially with #hearSay”.

Veteran  journalist Violet Gonda blasted Mr Mangwana saying : One
“True. Dangerous logic by a govt spokesperson. Perhaps they are trying to justify why the chefs seek medical treatment outside the country,”.

Constitutional law expert and University of Kent Law lecturer Dr Alex Magaisa said Mangwana was causing unnecessary alarm

“If he does not make a report, then @PoliceZimbabwe should kindly invite him for a conversation because by peddling conspiracy theories under the guise of third party reporting, Mangwana is causing “alarm and despondency”. Isn’t that phrase one of the regime’s favorites?”

Another twitter handler by the name , Cleto Marondedze said , “Apa maakufarisa apa.. leave our Drs out of this nonsense.. We probably have the least remunerated medical professionals in the world and the worst healthcare system outside war…and you are hear insulting them and accusing them of being assassins..Hazvidi spokes wehurumende manje”.

Several ruling Zanu PF heavies including former military generals have fallen to the deadly coronavirus pandemic which has wretched havoc across the globe. 

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