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Zimbabwean born South African actor features in Bollywood movie

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Trevor Makonyonga

It is the wish of most artists to take their talents to global arenas. Be it in music, theater, the small screen or in dance, artists want to make it globally. This dream to make it globally is easily attainable when one operates from a zone where they are comfortable like in their native land or in a familiar culture. The landscape becomes difficult to maneuver when one is in a foreign land.

Such has been the story of Zimbabwean born actor, Tafadzwa Fazenda, who recently featured in the Indian movie “Kakababur Protyaborton”. Fazenda joins the cast of the Indian film in a supporting role as Phillips Kikuyu, who is a hotel manager. 

The Zimbabwean born actor caught up with Bustop TV to discuss about his journey to what is probably his biggest break thus far. Although not sounding bruised but rather elated, Fazenda’s journey is a testament of keeping on one’s feet no matter how far they might be dragged. The journey like every journey has obstacles that will either wither the traveler or toughen the same. There is always a reason for one to go on a particular journey.

For Fazenda, his determination seems unshakable. If he was to be a reed, he would have stood any wave that came his way as he says he had to go as low as doing free gigs to realize his dreams.

“Having to create links by yourself, to get an agent as a professional actor in South Africa, there are only two ways (which are) a tertiary qualification/training from a recognized institution or three years working experience in the arts. So I had to work my way up, doing a lot of free gigs for exposure till I could get an agent. I only got my drama training from Wits University only after I had an agent already,” he said.

“That period of building a name/CV is characterized by a lot of hunger and frustration.”

Growing up some people are cut out for greatness even at a young age. From a young age in the CABS area in Norton, the now actor has already been part of a group for poets which was called Poetic Justice. Fazenda’s childhood best friend Exavier Huchu shared how the actor grew in the arts and how he adored him till this day.

“From an early age, Tafadzwa was always determined to make it big in life. I think he set his mind when he was young that he was going to be someone big.  He did not like mediocre stuff and he was the mature one in our group. As much as it was funny to be around him, he also had this sense of responsibility that is why you would see him taking personal time to exercise his mind with novels.

“I never doubted that he was going to be this big person in life. He always showed that he is on another level than the rest of us. I don’t think any Movie or Film is going to define him. With or without any film Tafadzwa has a huge personality. One that I personally envy. Like I said before, I thought Tafadzwa would make it as a poet, and I thought that is where he was going when they formed the group “Poetic Justice” and I really enjoyed their art but well, he is a man of many talents,” said Huchu.

The work after the period of hunger and frustration Fazenda started getting reasonable gigs like he got a cameo on Kyknet’s soapie Binnelanders. He also did many theatrical plays which include Foolsball, Sons of a black God and Love Trial. He has also done many commercials on TV and radio including McCing work and facilitation.

Kakabubur Protyaborton was supposed to have been released on December 25 last year, 2020, but it was put on hold but will soon be released in Indian Cinemas since the India government has made a decision to allow full capacities in theaters and cinemas soon.

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