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“Zim Government Should Go Beyond Rhetoric”- Shava

by Bustop TV News

Foreign and International trade minister Ambassador Fredrick Shava has urged government to move away from cheap propaganda and commit to real reforms if it fancy chances of meaningfully engaging the international community for the mutual beneficiation of the country’s economy.

Ambassador Shava who replaced the late combative the late foreign affairs Minister, former army general retired Lt Gen Sibusiso Moyo who succumbed to covid-19 pandemic early this year has become the latest “truth teller” amongst his coterie of ruling elite who have remained in the illusion of turning around the fortunes of the economy without the much-needed reforms that the international Community has been advising of.

Ambassador Shava said government must commit to go beyond propaganda for it to engage the international community.

He said, “For Zimbabwe to thrive internationally, we must go beyond the rhetoric and commit to concrete action.”

Critics have been barraging President Mnangagwa’ administration for lacking appetite to reform.

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