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ZIFA snubs late legends in SA match

by Bustop TV News

By Trevor Makonyonga

Zimbabwe played to a goalless draw against South Africa and this was probably the best result the Warriors could get given the recent series of results.

There is no need to keep hammering home how current coach, Zdravko Logarusic, is not suitable for the job, his track record says it all. The players might be blamed but everyone has seen them play better previously before the current system.

Equally disappointing is the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) for failing to do the simplest of things that could have shown that they cared about Zimbabwe football. Failing to observe a moment of silence after the loss of so many people who mattered in football was probably the biggest flaw of the game. The football gods couldn’t have been happy if the players failed to pay homage to the some of the best to ever kick a ball; worse still in a revered shrine as the National Sports Stadium.

Nobody really cared to notice that the current ZIFA board rarely goes to funerals but failing to observe a moment of silence and offering black armbands to the players just shows what joke of a footballing nation Zimbabwe has become. The honest truth is that the results on the field of play are reflective of what is happening in the administrative offices.

It is also shocking, maybe infuriating, to have foreign players called up but not to be given a chance to play. Why then are they being called up if they are not good enough? Why are players stuck at the airport calling the team manager who only then answers at his possible convenience? Why is ZIFA keeping a coach who does not show any form football IQ? The gods must have surely cast a curse on Zimbabwe for the sins of the association.

The country lost legends of the game in Misheck Chidzambwa, Joe Mugabe, David Mandigora, Ernest Sibanda and Zimbabwe finest George Shaya. The ZIFA board might probably be excused for failing to attend the funerals of such greats because of COVID-19 (although it’s a sorry excuse) but failing to pay homage and honour the greats is unforgivable.

If not for the legends, what about The Special 13 who died after a stampede in July 2000 when Zimbabwe played South Africa in the National Sports Stadium? Maybe that could be petty, what about the countless fans who have succumbed to COVID-19? There just should have been some time to observe a moment of silence.

The events on the field of player really prove that this could be the worst board ever. It will always be remembered that during the reign of the current board, the country went for two years without games. Regardless of the circumstances, the joke that has become Zimbabwean football will already be summed up by history according to the events that have happened and results recorded on the field of play. Sad thing is those who really care are not important and those important do not care. Hopefully, there will be a turn around in Ethiopia.

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