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ZEGU bans miniskirts, leg-ins

by Bustop TV News

By Tafadzwa Chigandiwa

Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) has ordered all its female students to follow the institution’s new dress code banning inappropriate clothing such as miniskirts and tight clothing.

This was revealed by the ZEGU Registrar, Chinyemba through an internal communique.

According to Chinyemba clothes regarded as “inappropriate” by the college include tight clothing such as skin tights, leg-ins and miniskirts or any skirt more than 5cm above the knees.

In addition to the list, shorts, slippers, crop-tops, stomach out, see-throughs, back outs and tops that expose breast cleavages have been blacklisted and are not allowed within the ZEGU campus.

“Please be advised that the new 2021 Students Handbook was uploaded on student portals. Students are encouraged to take time to familiarise themselves with the rules and code of conduct in the 2021 Student Handbook.

UNIVERSITY DRESS CODE. We want to remind all students that:

a. ZEGU encourages students to develop a lasting philosophy of good dressing and grooming.

b. Therefore, take care of the following principle:

“Tight clothing (e.g., skin tights, leg-ins) cut offs/miniskirts (anything more than 5cm above the knees), shorts, slippers, tops that reveal breast cleavages, back-outs, crop-tops/stomach-outs, bandeau, see-through and other kinds of inappropriate clothing are not allowed on campus (especially classes and church services and other university-related off-campus functions,” reads part of the memo.

The memo also instructed lecturers to bar students from attending any lectures especially if they come dressed in an unsuitable manner which is contrary to the college dress code rules.

Since its establishment in Bindura in 2012, ZEGU is popularly known for becoming the first Pentecostal University in the Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, the move to ban the so-called inappropraite clothing reportedly comes at a time when the Christian learning institution is trying to set precedence over women dress code in Zimbabwe.

However, the decision has been met with mixed reactions on various social media platforms with others concurring with the university whilst others have criticised the move indicating that its biased.

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