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ZC halts cricket activities

by Bustop TV News

By Trevor Makonyonga

Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) has halted all cricket activities following the government implementation of stricter lockdown restrictions in order to curb the further spread of COVID-19.

In a statement, ZC said it has lodged an appeal to complete the ongoing South Africa A tour of Zimbabwe series.

“ZC  puts  all  cricket  activities  on  hold  pending  appeal Following  a  directive  to  suspend  all  sporting  activities in  the  country  as  part of  the  latest  COVID-19  lockdown  restrictions  imposed by  the  Government with  effect  from  today, Zimbabwe  Cricket  (ZC)  has temporarily  put  on  hold all  cricket  activities  including  the  four-day  match between  Zimbabwe  A  and South  Africa  A  which  started  on Sunday. ZC  has,  however,  lodged  an  urgent  appeal  to  the  Government, through  the Sports  and  Recreation  Commission,  for  permission  to complete  the ongoing  four-day  international  match  as  well  as  to continue  with preparations  for  other  upcoming  international  tours that  we  had  already committed  to. As  we  make  this  request,  the  health  and  safety  of our  players,  support  staff and  our  communities  remains  our  top  priority,” ZC wrote.

ZC added that they are capable of hosting matches safely as proven by the previous tournaments and tours they have hosted.

“Having  successfully  hosted  international  and  domestic tournaments  at  the height  of  the  COVID-19  pandemic  under  the  bio-secure environment  –  with the  matches  being  played  behind  closed  doors  with no  spectators  allowed in  the  stadia  and  with  all  those  directly  involved undergoing  several  tests  for the  coronavirus  and  staying  in  secluded  accommodation facilities  –  we believe  we  are  well-equipped  and  experienced  enough to  safely  resume with  our  cricket  activities. Further  updates  will  be  provided  when  appropriate.”

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