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Zanu PF’s Mugwadi Threatens Taliban Violence In Zim

by Bustop TV News

By Lloyd Takawira

Scandalous Zanu PF deputy director of information, Tafadzwa Mugwadi has threatened that his party will win by-elections even if it means resorting to violence the “Taliban Style”.

Mugwadi who is not new to controvesy was responding to a tweet from the United States Embassy in Harare who have called on the Zimbabwean government to hold by-elections .

“When will the Zimbabwean government resume by-elections? Long-standing parliamentary vacancies have left over 754,000 voters in 26 constituencies without elected representation. Only by-elections will restore these citizens’ rights to representation.” tweeted the US Embassy in Harare

However the controversial Mugwadi responded to the United States Embassy saying “We will do it the Taliban way!! Stay far from our lane or the consequences will be humiliating the Taliban style

“Don’t ask me what the Taliban style is. Ask the gringos who created a puppet government, supported it for 20 years with war, only to be over-run by Talibans leaving guns, war jets, helicopters, cash, whiskey, and their puppets at the hands of Afghan Talibans kkk. Lesson: Puppets are losers,”.

Not to be outdone, Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information Broadcasting Services, Nick Mangwana accused the United States of lacking diplomacy.

“Surely, the US Embassy knows where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is located. Should there be a need for a conversation on this subject you can easily engage them and get a briefing. These highly inflammatory tweets are as much disrespectful as they are unnecessary,” he wrote.

Threats of violence by ruling Zanu PF party officials have renewed fears of a violent election as the country gears towards 2023 harmonized election .

Speaking to Bustop TV News , political analyst, Frank Chauke described the statements as unfortunate.

“At a time Zanu PF government is preaching re-engagement, it’s officials spun the opportunity but recklessness . It’s like shooting yourself in the foot and expect to walk. They have cried against sanctions , and these are the same things (violence) that the international Community has been denouncing”.

Prominent journalist cum government critic Hopewell Chin’ono waded into Zanu PF party officials saying this is the reason why the country has not progressed.

“Tafadzwa Mugwadi is the Information Director for Zimbabwe’s ruling party, ZANU PF. He is promising the American Government that the ruling party ZANUPF will deal with elections the Taliban way.
Then we have adults that ask why there are sanctions and why reengagement has failED!” wrote Chin’ono.

Zimbabwe has checkered history of violent elections with the 2000, 2002 and 2008 election all controvesial.

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