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ZANU-PF girds up for by-elections

by Bustop TV News

By Lerato Ndlovu

ZANU-PF acting national political commissar, Patrick Chinamasa has called on members in different provinces to submit their resumes for vacant national assembly and local authority seats as the party gears up for by elections.

More than 50 seats are vacant in the local authorities, and over a dozen in the national assembly after some councilors and legislators were recalled by the opposition, MDC T.

The ruling party’s plans are despite Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) decision to bar any by elections due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

In a circular directed to provincial chairpersons, Chinamasa said that on receipt of the CVs by the 16th of July, provincial election directorate should meet to consider the CVS and make comments.

“On receipt of the CVs, provincial election directorate should meet to consider the CVS and make comments and recommendations for each of the applicants.

“CVs submitted at the provinces should be forwarded to the Commissariat department for vetting and approval,” said Chinamasa. “In turn the commissariat department will advise provinces on dates for the primary elections once the dates have been set.”

It went on to read that the provincial elections directorate, do not have the mandate to disqualify any aspiring candidates and they should not hold primary elections without authorisation from the acting national secretary for commissariat.

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