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ZANU PF dismisses scholarship offer rumours

by BustopTV

By Own Correspondent

The ruling party, ZANU PF has Tuesday rubbished claims that it flighted an advert calling for applications for scholarships from successful Advanced level students.

In the fake advert making rounds on social media platforms, which ZANU PF has since distanced itself from, students are asked to send the necessary documents to an email with the party’s domain.

In a statement ZANU PF Acting Director for Information and Publicity, Malinganisa urged locals to exercise extreme caution and avoid being duped of their money by fake scholarship sponsors.

He went on to direct all applicants to Compensation House in the CBD where applications for the presidential scholarships are processed.

“ZANU PF has noted with concern the circulation of a fake call for applications for scholarships that are purported to be submitted through an email address bearing a fake ZANU PF domain. ([email protected])

Pursuant to that, ZANU PF wishes to advise the public that the said advert is fake and an act of mischief. The referred email address does not belong to the Revolutionary Party and it also does not exist.

It must further be stated as a matter of fact that ZANU PF does not facilitate any kind of scholarships. Therefore members of the public are advised to ignore the fake advert and guard against being duped by anyone purporting to represent ZANU PF.

The general public is advised to be vigilant against the machinations of enemies of the State through the proliferation of fake news.

Anyone who wishes to apply for scholarships should enquire to the Executive Director for Presidential and National Scholarships at Compensation House, Corner 4th street and Central Avenue, Harare,” reads the statement.

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