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Zanu PF Affiliated Pressure Group to Besiege MDC leadership residences

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

Zanu PF affiliated pressure group, Broad Alliance Against Sanctions (BAAS) has threatened to besiege MDC leadership homes as they continue to camp at the US Embassy in Harare protesting against sanctions.

The pressure group is accusing the MDC leadership of orchestrating the suffering of citizens by “inviting” sanctions.

Fliers mobilizing people have been circulating on social media platforms.

One flier read, “All roads lead to St Mary’s Job Sikhala ‘s homestead. Huge belly in less than a year employee us where you’re employed. Let’s meet at Job Sikhala homestead in Chitungwiza.”

Another inviting people to camp at MDC Vice President, Tendai Biti’s home reads, ” Enough of more sanctions, we are coming to eat what you eat. Zimbabwe vigil in Biti’s residence “

The group also said they will be delivering a petition to the Federal Government of United States of America through its Embassy in Harare.

“Broad Alliance Against Sanctions will be petitioning the American Federal Government on the issue of sanctions.”

Political analyst, Frank Chauke, however, rubbished the protests which he described as attention-seeking.

“Those are just a bunch of attention seekers. They are desperate for the cameras,” he said.

Malcolm Zipi another analyst said, “on face value, the grouping seems to be attention seekers but deeper analysis tells you that they are there to cover up for the regime’s failures. Failing as the Mnangagwa administration is doing these guys are there to cover up.”

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