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Youths demand more seats in parliament.

by BustopTV

By Lerato Ndlovu

Youths have called on government to consider offering them more parliamentary seats in the proposed quota system.

This was raised by youths who attended Tafanana Zhou’s led parliamentary portfolio committee on Justice, Legal and Parliament Affairs public hearing held recently in Chinhoyi.

Youths across the political, civic and social divide voted massively for the establishment of a Youth Quota System in Parliament but deplored that the single seat in each province is not enough.

“Realigning the proposed youth quota system to the new constitution is a welcome move that has been long overdue,” one youth said.

“However, we feel, one seat in each province is minimal, what is the significance of one seat out of 22 constituencies we have in this province.”

Some attendees drew to the attention of the committee that the women quota system has affected the participation of women in politics as they are getting everything on a silver platter hence, the youths and women should also fight for the positions to prove their worth.

Speaking during the session, citizens challenged and disapproved with the constitutional ammendment which seeks to divorce census and delimitation exercise, appointment of the Judge President and vice presidents.

“The President should not appoint his presidium and the judge president but it should be given to public approval,” another Chinhoyi resident Peter Liwanda said.

Speaking after the hearing, Zhou said the visit was promised under Section 328 of the constitution to get the views of the citizens.

He said the visits and public hearings were being held above board and was according to the SI 136 which allows for the public hearings to be held during the Covid-19 induced lockdown.

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