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‘Women should influence social change’

by Bustop TV News

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu 

Masvingo –  Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe has called women to take part in governance and decision making processes to influence social change.

The women’s lobby group said this at its Masvingo Chapter meeting at Chevron Hotel which was spearheaded by Womankind on strengthening Women’s Advocacy for Inclusive Governance SWAG.

There is need for women to be part of governance and decision making processes, women are being left out and there is a gap. Women fear occupying positions and this has a huge impact decisions without taking note of their input.

WCOZ Masvingo chairperson, Joyce Mhungu said, “the greatest challenge of all is lack of self esteem within women, women lack self confidence and this has led to them not being part of the governance. Women have different gender roles which are another challenge and this then becomes a great challenge for them hence their place then becomes in the home.”

Sungano Zvarebwanashe said the nature of political parties is another challenge.

“The nature of our political parties is affecting we do not want to be part of any political parties, we would like to be independent candidates but the problem comes when one becomes an independent candidate nobody will vote for them hence one loses. We lack the resources to run political campaigns as compared to our male counterparts,” she said.

Speaking at the same meeting, panelist Clayton Shereni who is also in the media industry stressed the point that “there should be good governance and this governance should include women. The population according to Zim Stats is that women contribute a percentage of 52 but in the government they are few and why is it that we have low intake and participation of women in the decision making process. Women should look into this and come up with ways that will comprise of them being in the government.

“Women should push for the amendment of certain acts rather than stay quiet, women should influence change and stereotypes and achieve what they are lobbying for,” he said.

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