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Woman loses money over bank fraud

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – 65-year-old women (name withheld) was ripped off of $36 693 RTG’s in her bank account after she received a call of a system upgrade purportedly from her bank.

Police spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula confirmed the incident which happened on Tuesday at around 10 in the morning in the town of Masvingo.

The complaint was at her home when she received a call that the bank was doing a system upgrade.

“The accused is said to have called the complainant at around 10 in the morning and told her the bank was conducting a system upgrade and asked if she had received a message containing a conformation code and she said yes and the accused asked her for the code together with her pin number.

Unwittingly the complainant provided the accused with the code and her pin number for her bank card. In no time the complainant received a message on her phone that her account had been debited an amount of $36 693RTGS$,” said Mazula.

At that instant moment, the complainant is said to have realized that she was a victim of fraud and reported the matter to the Masvingo Central Police.

Insp Mazula said that cases of fraud are on the rise in the community and warned the community to be on alert.

“As the police we encourage people to be alert as cases of fraud are now on the rise and a lot of them are being reported. People are being asked to provide pin numbers after being told that their bank is carrying out a system upgrade. So l advice the people that no bank asks for anyone’s pin over the phone, if they need anything one will be called out to come over to the bank.

“I, therefore, urge everyone never to disclose their pin to any caller but rather consult their bank first for further information,” she said.

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